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82, 86 and 76 are the ages of our three protagonists whose lives are revolving around the Bonneville Speedweek, a land speed racing contest on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah, an open space so huge, you can see the curvature of the earth itself.
It is the story of Jack Costella, Duane Mc Kinney and Al Teague, who are building handmade speed cars in their backyards in years of patience and dedication, for the few minutes of glory when they steer their rocketlike vehicles over the salt with mind bending speed. Men who know, it is never too late to live your passion.

But the Salt Lake vanishes and with it the old land speed racers and their decades ofknowledge and experience. It will be the end of an era.

“The World´s Fastest” is a film about the dedication to racing, but also about love and hope, inspiration and frustration, lose and evanescence. An emotional and inspiring portrait about passion in age.


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Kino Dokumentarfilm
84 Min. | 2017/18
Regie: Alexandra Lier
Produktion: Lier | Gonzalez | Heine

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